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Welcome to SENTIENTZ. Why have you found yourself here? We are passionate sentient beings, biohackers and health conscious creators sharing our knowledge and techniques to help optimize the quality of your life — beginning with your mind/body connection. If there was a safe and proven way to feel better and live longer by using new sciences -would you not want to explore what is possible? 2020 brings new discoveries and a new level of acceptance and understanding is upon us It’s time to tap into these new fusions to enhance the human mind and your general wellbeing.

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Nature has all the ingredients and here at Sentientz we know we can deliver them to you. Previously, accessing these natural ingredients has either been illegal, or inaccessible in this format. As sentient beings, we’ve either forgotten, or haven’t had the freedom to experience or understand true plant medicine like we do today. But now, with 2020 vision, we’re seeing huge strides in the advancement of integrated technologies- combining what we’ve intuitively known for years and is now being backed by FDA approved studies- this medicine WORKS. We want to give you the opportunity to use the latest breakthroughs to enhance your life, on an emotional, spiritual and physical level. It’s time for you to be the person you were born to be.

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Our aim is to expand the collaborative nature of research for the benefit of all. We’re transparent in all things to advance the science and make this available to you. Our mission is to advance sentient beings’ and have the information available. We believe fully optimized human beings help create a better world. That's why we create supplements to help you perform at your peak, both mentally and physically.

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