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The trifecta of cognitive growth. It has never been easier to fast-track performance, ability, and power than with the scientifically formulated premium SENTIENTZ supplements.

IMMUNE. Boost your immune system with 25 natural ingredients

Fortify your body with a unique blend of natural immune system boosters

Nootropic Formulas to Enhance Everyday Life

Move from regular to remarkable with SENTIENTZ . Through boosting your immune defence to cognitive function and sleep regulation, you can release the best version of you sooner.

Business Professionals

Make better decisions faster.

Whether it's leading your team, negotiating with clients, making presentations, or implementing action plans. Our unique blend of natural brain enhancers help you operate with optimum capacity to increase your chances of success.

High Achievers

Outrun yourself and gain a competitive edge.

Staying sharp, focused, and motivated is not a choice, it's the norm. Up your game and excel under pressure with Sentientz exclusive natural performance booster.

Mature Adults

Slow down the effects of the aging brain.

Make the most of your routine by matching your unique level of insight and experience with extra cognitive support. Sentientz' natural blend of cognitive enhancers will supercharge and foster your long-term brain power and resilience.

Academics & Students

Cut down the endless hours of procrastination and studying.

Whether at home or in class, achieve unwavering concentration and deep focus for better information processing and storage. Sentientz helps to unlock the important sections of your brain that need a boost.

The Sentientz Quality

  • FDA and GMP approved Facility
  • High-potency, clinical-range dosages
  • Safe, clean, legal and effective
  • Third-party tested and validated
  • 3 premium products made to work together


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