About Us

The sentience tribe

We created Sentientz as a way to share the tools we've created to connect with the present moment with more clarity and vitality.

Just like you, and everyone else

We are constantly trying to figure out life's enigmas. You know, trying to figure stuff out and find a better way of doing things. A way that is joyful and creates positive change, preferably.

Easier said than done, though, when often get lost in life's mysterious ways, and have to try hard to find the way back to the bright side. But in repeating this pilgrimage a gazillion times, we've come to learn that there are essentially two things one needs to "get there": 1) presence of mind; and 2) zest.

To be here, in the Now, is the single most important thing we can ever do. For everything, and especially to find joy and create positive change.

However, with our minds constantly reminiscing on past things and projecting the tomorrow, it's challening to stay grounded. And that is why we need zest, too. To keep treading the way firmly, fighting off the unhelpful, unecessary noise with unwavering resolution.

That's what we set out to do when we created Sentientz: to empower our fellow sentient beings, with more presence of mind and zest so that they have what's necessary to find your joy and create positive change.

Our not-so-secret sauce

Transparency is a big thing for us and we strive to make everything we do as clear as crystal so that we can all be on the same page. 

We'll actually go as far as saying that our dietary supplements are just a piece of the puzzle and won't do all the work for you.

Yes, they have been proved to help people feel more focused, calm, and energized. However, you still have to roll your sleeves up and put in the work. Cultivate healthy habits, have a rich diet, get enough sleep, and use your mind wisely to make it all happen.

Without these things, there's only so much dietary supplements can do for you. But if you make sure to have all of these bases covered, then the efficacy of our dietary supplements grows exponentially.  

From Uplift, our flagship Nootropic stack, to Vital, our multivitamin compound, our supplements have been meticuluosly designed by health professionals and produced with the highest-quality ingredients to allow for the best results.

Check out the list of ingredients of each of our blends and see all the goodness for yourself. And if you feel like giving them a try, we're right here to make sure they are delivered straight to your doorstep.